Global Wellness Institute Announces The Psychedelics & Healing Initiative

Global Wellness Institute Ambassador

GWI Latest News April 2022

The US based Global Wellness Institute™ (GWI) has announced the launch of The Psychedelics & Healing Initiative. This project brings together cutting-edge research with an eye toward healing our world one mental health treatment at a time.  Psychedelic medicines like LSD and magic mushrooms that have been shown in studies to be not only safe but effective natural product to support serious mental health issues.

The timing could not be better as recent news suggests these drugs may soon become available for use by patients suffering from PTSD or cancer-related anxiety—two diseases typified by intense emotional distress.

The GWI’s Chair and CEO, Susie Ellis, welcomed the new initiative as a wellness industry first: “Psychedelic healing has arrived. As this movement grows and receives regulatory approvals, an Initiative that brings together respected leaders to focus on evidence-based best practices, equity and accessibility, is very much needed if we want to realize the potential for psychedelics in helping address the global mental health crisis.”

Psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin have the potential to be a treatment for intractable medical issues like depression, anxiety and PTSD. Researchers around the globe are studying how these drugs work with treatments that are already proven in order provide more options when treating patients who don’t respond well or at all from traditional medications.

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