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PHH – Write for Us 

Want to write for Pure Health Hub or Pure Health Travel? We’d love to hear from you. 

Here is our guide on how to pitch to us the types of articles that we publish. 

Every piece of editorial must be original, not published elsewhere, and helpful to our audience. 

Pure Health Hub’s aim is to educate and motivate women to take control of their physical, mental, environmental and social health, and explore the many medical and complementary health services, treatments and products available to them.  

Though our goal is to deliver quality information to women over 35, some members of the audience won’t be familiar with certain health topics and can be intimidated by medical jargon that they are unfamiliar with. 

We want to reach “every woman” so, rather than “talking shop” as trade and research publications tend to, our editorial needs to be engaging and easy to process. This doesn’t mean “dumbing it down” or treating readers as ignorant, just using language that is engaging, inclusive, relatable and warm. Please use as much appropriate humour as is justified in the story. 

Each story should still be thoroughly researched, and fact checked and should include comprehensive information about the topics. Absolutely No plagiarism. They will be checked. 

Our content has multiple health methodologies; Medical, Natural Therapies, Integrative Health and these are then consigned to one or more of our streams (environmental, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional & travel). 

Medical Articles  

This stream is written strictly by medical professionals and addresses topics that are clinical in nature. We will usually only publish our own medical writers’ articles. However, if you are a qualified medical professional and would like to write for us, please introduce yourself by emailing editorial@purehealthhub.com 

Integrative Health Editorial – for all other streams (except travel)

We are open to pitches for all our health streams. Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Environmental in interviews, features, first person essays and narratives – we are particularly interested in exploring experiences through the lens of uncommon or underrepresented health conditions for women and/or raising awareness of illnesses or disorders that are underfunded. 

Female specific medical research is limited by comparison to male because of the complexity of female hormones. So, topics that could explain or answer questions many women are seeking or offer a new perspective will be enthusiastically considered. 

Travel Section & Remedy Travels  

Wellness Tourism is an exponentially growing segment, and our readers are keen to learn more about what properties, practitioners and destinations are offering. 

We are open to pitches from writers who have experienced the property, destination and activity personally. 

Word Count & Rates 

Our average word count for any piece is around 750-1000 words. You are welcome to pitch something longer. 

For all features our current rate is $A200. For personal essays where no additional research is required is $A100. 

Of course, professional writers can pitch us their stories and provide a price for it. 

How to Pitch to Us 

We are a small but passionate digital publication who is committed to sourcing and sharing the best information to enable women to live their best lives. Bringing a balanced perspective to holistic health meaning embracing both medical and natural health is what is important to us and to our readers. 

Please familiarise yourself with our published material and while we don’t want a carbon copy of tone, take note of the warm, casual yet accurate approach to all our content. Also, while you’re there, check we haven’t already covered it. We are happy to take an alternative view if it is sensitive and detailed. 

If you still wish to pitch your concept. Please send an introduction to you and an abstract of the story/idea with a punchy headline and two examples of your published work to editorial@purehealthhub.com – please do not send an article that has been published elsewhere. All editorial will be checked for duplication or plagiarism. 

As a small team, we may not be able to respond to those we are unable to accept the pitch from, please understand this is not personal. Purely resources. 

Oh, and we are unable to accept, unverified claims or angry rants. While we appreciate the need to rant from time to time, this isn’t the place. Work it into a well-formed argument instead. 

Get pitching!