Embrace the Healing Green Season at The Farm at San Benito: A Journey of Renewal and Purification

As the rainy season gently embraces The Farm at San Benito in the Philippines, a profound transformation takes place. This period, known as the “Healing Green Season: A Time of Renewal & Purification,” offers guests an unparalleled opportunity to cleanse their minds, bodies, and spirits amidst nature’s natural purification process. The eco-luxury wellness resort invites you to experience tranquillity and rejuvenation like never before.

RAKxa Integrative Wellness Introduces the Roadmap to Longevity

Enjoying an empowering ‘wholeness’ experience last year at Thailand’s RAKxa Wellness, I discovered it’s where the journey to longevity begins. Combining cutting-edge science with ancient healing wisdom, RAKxa offers a personalised roadmap to optimal health. Through advanced diagnostics and tailored therapies, anyone can achieve wholeness—living fully with exceptional physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Discover the path to a longer, healthier life at RAKxa Wellness.

New Study Highlights Parental Health Neglect

New research* reveals that 51% of Australian parents neglect self-care, with 69% of mums bearing most responsibilities. Former Miss Universe Monika Rad, a mum of two is lobbying to change this narrative. At Pure Health Hub, we spotlight Mum’s self-care needs and their mental and physical well-being every day but in light of recent Mother’s Day we asked renowned GP Dr. Michela Sorensen to address this issue, highlighting the urgent need for better self-care among parents to improve their overall health and resilience.

The Swag Review

When the PR manager for ‘The Swag’ reached out to ask me to try this ‘revolutionary’ new produce storage bag, I literally said, “Sure, thank you and happy to give it a try but, in all honesty, I haven’t found anything that maintains freshness, so if it doesn’t, then I absolutely won’t share it with my readers” She said, no problem.

Lisa Curry – Her Personal Journey

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Welcome to Pure Health Hub’s exclusive video interview with Lisa Curry, acclaimed Australian athlete and entrepreneur.

In this insightful conversation, we delve into Lisa’s inspiring journey and explore the driving forces behind her decision to collaborate with leading naturopath, Jeff Butterworth in establishing their transformative health supplements and skincare business.

Join us as we uncover the fascinating story of Lisa’s passion for holistic wellbeing and balancing that with keeping it ‘real’ and the remarkable venture that emerged from it.