About Pure Health Hub

Pure Health Hub is resource dedicated to women 35+. A place where we share world’s best practice from the world’s best practitioners in medical and complementary health. We can only function optimally when we take a holistic view of our health. Prevention is always better than a cure and your mind, body and spirit will thank you for placing your health at the top of the list. Much like the inflight instruction to take of yourself before others, your personal health must also take priority. 

Each of us understands those sometimes feelings of overwhelm, the physical and mental toll as we go about raising families, running businesses, climbing ladders, working for our money, being a great mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.  It’s ok if we drop some of these balls occasionally. We want to help you catch them! 

Pure Health Hub may be one person’s vision but it’s the team who brought it to life.  We are now a team with a collective vision and we all believe in ‘the hub’ and what it can do to help other women.  

Establishing the editorial integrity for Pure Health Hub is Aleney de Winter. Aleney is an award-winning writer who, in recent years, has been on a mission to turn her physical and mental health around. Her genuine interest in women’s health, her journey to date and the wonderful way she communicates and injects humour into the real stuff is what we love and we’re sure you will too.

Meet Our Team

We are individually on our own health journey and as a team we are collectively committed to sharing world’s best practice from the world’s best practitioners in both medical and holistic health.