Oz Medicann Group’s Clinical Trial for Insomnia

Oz Medicann Group (OMG) an Australian CBD, Cannabis and Hemp Therapeutics company with a focus on research and the development of cannabinoid registered medicine, is a step closer to bringing effective insomnia solutions with the first trans-Tasman clinical trial using its unique CBD formula with the hope of bringing greater relief to insomniacs.
The CBD clinical trial being conducted by Oz Medicann Group (OMG) could lead to the world’s first trans-Tasman registration for an insomnia treatment. This means that it will be available in both countries and provide Australians with more options when treating their sleep disorders, which currently has only one licensed pharmaceutical product on offer.
The company behind this exciting development is based in Australia where high-quality medicinal marijuana products are grown.
With the recent change in regulations by The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australian consumers may soon be able to purchase CBD without a prescription. This landmark decision has paved way for people suffering from chronic pain or mental illnesses that respond well with cannabis-based treatments like epilepsy treatment drugs which are now considered Schedule 3 medicines instead of 4 schedules under Australia’s strict drug laws!
“While there’s been some earlier activity in the marketplace, we believe this to be the world’s first clinical trial of its type and scale for insomnia, and we are one of a few companies in Australia progressing IIB/III clinical trial for TGA registration of a sleep product. It’s a gamechanger for those suffering sleep deprivation, and a real first for pharmacies in Australia and around the world.”
Mr Leith says the trial will identify the ideal CBD dose to improve a person’s quality of sleep. “We believe our higher dosage solution, unique formula and delivery technology will deliver the best outcomes for sleep deprived adults.”

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