Why Three Days a Week of Infrared Training is all you Need to get Fit this Year

A hot new style of workout is making “heat” waves across Australia, and not only is it fun and non-intimidating, but it is also giving members some serious bang for their buck!

So many people, whether they are corporate, stay-at-home parents or working parents can relate to being busy and not having much time to themselves. Therefore, while we can argue that doing a 30-minute workout a day is only a small percentage of your day, the reality is that that still is a stretch for some.

Enter Joy In Movement (or J.I.M), the infrared workout powered by tech that is changing the game for so many people.

The Power of Infrared

By utilising a heated infrared room, the quick 30-minute workout allows members to not only harness the benefits of a workout but also of the infrared room. There is a reason why so many celebrities swear by infrared and that is because it is detoxifying, it helps to improve the tone of your skin, it can help with flexibility, eliminate toxins, promote better immune health and much more.

Additionally, by upping the ante of working out in a hotter room, you can get results faster as you are adding an extra stimulus to your body. This means a shorter workout will be as effective as a 50-minute workout in a normal room. Three days a week is also all you need as recovery time is important. Make sure you hydrate after each workout.


By “hacking” your workouts to heighten your results, you can get away with training just 3 x per week, which is a huge win to people who are busy and don’t want to feel anxious about their fitness routine. A secondary benefit of this is that you can give your body time to rest between classes. By having a day of rest in between, your muscles can recover, which in turn might help prevent injury. Recovering not only enhances your performance during workouts but also helps you maintain motivation and may prevent burnout. By practising rest and recovery as integral parts of your fitness routine, you can create a balanced approach that promotes long-term health and injury prevention, ultimately supporting your overall fitness goals and well-being.


Three times a week is perfect for both getting results, maintaining balance and not overwhelming your week. We know consistency is key to seeing key results as well as allowing your body to get used to the exercises. By committing to three weekly workouts, you establish a reliable routine that facilitates steady progress over time. Moreover, this frequency allows your body to adapt gradually to the exercises, reducing the risk of burnout or overtraining.

Balanced Approach:

To “go hard or go home” mentality is out, and balance is in. Train efficiently, enjoy what you do, and leave feeling great rather than fatigued and burnt out. That is what J.I.M is all about.

The ideal workout frequency can vary depending on individual goals, fitness levels, and other factors. However, for someone who wants to fit something enjoyable in that will keep them fit and healthy, this is the perfect balance. Some people may benefit from more or fewer workouts per week. It’s important to listen to your body and adjust your routine accordingly.