A Masterclass in Separation and Divorce with Jacqueline Wharton

Jacqueline Wharton is a breakup and relationship warrior, passionate about helping people navigate through breakups and relationship conflicts with a practical and goal-oriented approach.

Having experienced the deep despair of divorce when she was left with three very young children, Jacqueline remains highly committed to educating and supporting others to approach their own divorce with dignity, resilience and intelligence.

After completing her arts/law degree at ANU in 1995, Jacqueline practiced law, first at Mallesons, later in house at Telstra, before founding Separation and Divorce Advisers in 2008. The purpose; to provide the kind of support and guidance she couldn’t find when going through her own divorce.

Passionate about supporting her clients in resolving their intimate and relationship conflicts with informed and targeted strategies, Jacqueline also founded online masterclass platform, The Relation Suite.

Jacqueline’s core motivation is to help others make good decisions and provide a framework to help children cope with minimal negative impact.