Lindy’s Chilled Chia Porridge

Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I needed to find a healthy and tasty alternative to grain cereal, so I searched the interweb for something that is high in protein, vitamins and low is sugar, fat and net zero grains. This is a winner! I love it and have it every single morning.

Single Serve

3 tbsp of Chia Seeds

½ cup of Coconut Water

½ cup of Kefir or Probiotic of choice (I use Rokeby Farms) or good quality greek style yoghurt

½ cup of frozen mixed berries

1 tsp Honey – optional

Put all of these ingredients together in a breakfast bowl cover and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning add ½ banana, 1tbsp of cinnamon and I add 2 tbsp of @welle collagen powder and ½ cup grain-free granola (my choice is from @thesource)