Emotional Wellness in Lighting

Consumers are increasingly seeking emotional wellness in their daily lives, and brands are responding by upgrading at-home appliances and furniture to promote comfort and serenity. Ikea’s VARMBLIXT collection, created in collaboration with designer Sabine Marcelis, is part of the company’s long-term goal to shift the perception of lighting from functional to emotional. The collection includes colourful, playful lighting designs that are intended to evoke calmness, emotion, serenity, and curiosity in the home.

Mexican ceramic studio Menat has designed urns meant to comfort those dealing with grief and loss. The Kunokaiku urns, created in collaboration with photographer Marianna Jamadi, can be incorporated into a daily ritual as a way of coping and memorialising lost loved ones.

LG’s MoodUp fridge, unveiled at CES this year, features LED door panels that can be customised to reflect a user’s emotional state. Sensors detect when someone enters the kitchen, and the built-in Bluetooth speaker can connect to other devices to play music while adjusting the lighting to match the rhythm.

Emotional wellness is no longer a luxury but an integrated part of daily routines and rituals, with brands recognising the importance of creating products that promote comfort and serenity. From; Wunderman Thompson