Dr. Alissa Knight

Clinical Psychologist, Researcher & Founder of The Calming Suite, Dr Alissa Knight is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential & transform their lives for the better.

Prior to becoming a Psychologist, Alissa worked as a Scientist / Researcher, 
exploring areas such as Psychiatry, Psychology & Nutrition. A woman of many talents, Alissa has also worked as a Primary School Teacher, Journalist, Professional Dancer & Yoga Instructor.

Having taught children for many years, Alissa was drawn towards working with 
youths in her psychology practice, particularly teens & young adults. With their whole lives ahead of them, Alissa is passionate about providing young people with the tools & skills needed to unlock joy & fulfilment.

Working across a range of modalities, Alissa supports young people through a 
number of mental health conditions / states including Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Complex PTSD, Autism, ADHD, Performance Enhancement, OCD, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia & Anxiety.

Outside of her impressive career accolades, Alissa is a mother to two beautiful 
children & a wife to a Basketball player. When Alissa isn’t working, you’ll find her soaking up time outdoors with friends & family, or watching The Bachelor.