Aleney de Winter

A worshiper of words, Aleney de Winter is a multi-award-winning writer, editor and content creator, specialising in everything from tourism and sustainability to food, family and health. Contributing to a wide variety of print and online publications as both writer and editor, Aleney is also the publisher and editor of her own award-winning website.

After hiding behind her keyboard and a wall of words for decades, her health began to deteriorate. Until a period of unconscionable bullying behaviour sparked a catastrophic decline in her health … and an epiphany. Stored somewhere deep in her memory banks was a dysfunctional childhood, punctuated with moments of parental narcissism, rejection and violence.
Grabbing her health by the horns, the shy girl behind the keyboard is finally revealing herself as she undertakes, and documents, her journey to health. And she’s doing it with new-found confidence and a joyous spring in her step.