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5 Reasons to Prioritise Oral Hygiene & Dental Health

How much time and effort are you investing in your dental health? If your answers that you brush twice and floss once a day, let’s break it to you that it’s not enough. Dental health goes a long way to ensure you lead a healthy, fulfilling life with self-esteem. It asks for more effort from you to be in good shape.

Unfortunately, most of the Americas are not putting that much effort and time. Look at these figures:

  • 78% of Americans have at least one cavity by the time they turn 17. Lack of oral hygiene could be the leading cause.
  • Only 64% of adults have dental care plans. And it is observed that patients with dental care plans enjoy better dental health than the ones without dental insurance. One possible reason could be that people with dental coverage can easily afford preventive dental care. It eliminates dental health issues in the beginning stage.
  • 75% of Americans use a toothbrush longer than they should. It becomes counterproductive. The bacteria start to accumulate in the bristles after a few months. These bacteria can be transferred to teeth during brushing.
  • Soda is a staple drink for many American adults. But do you know that soda does dental damage, equivalent to the damage caused due to smoking crack and math?

This post aims at increasing awareness regarding the benefits of investing in oral health. But first of all, let’s understand what is meant by that.

How to Invest in Dental Health?

Investing in dental health involves indulging in the following activities:-

  • Taking care of your oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing regularly.
  • Visiting your dentist twice a year.
  • Promptly calling your dentist when you feel pain, discomfort, or inflammation in your teeth and jaw.
  • Undergoing the recommended dental treatment by your dentist or orthodontists.
  • Investing in a lucrative dental care plan to lessen the cost of preventive dental care and treatment.

Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Oral Health

Here are the top 5 benefits of taking care of your oral health. You can also call them reasons to invest in a smile. Look at how taking care of your dental health affects your confidence and overall quality of life.

  1. You Avoid Many Other Health Problems

Not taking care of dental health increases your risk of periodontal diseases. And according to a study by Harvard, periodontal diseases increase the risk of severe heart issues. Other lifestyle ailments such as diabetes, pregnancy complications, sepsis, bacterial pneumonia, and even cancer are also related to complications linked with poor oral hygiene.

  1. Your Oral Diseases are Detected Early

Your regular visits to your dentist pay in the long run. Your dentist can detect any underlying oral health issue early. And it is common knowledge that the earlier you begin the treatment of any disease, the simpler its treatment is. Early detection also paves the path for the success of the treatment.

  1. You Can Prevent Your Teeth From Falling

Lack of preventive dental care and oral hygiene leads to the build-up of cavities and plaque. These are the leading cause of oral infection, tooth decay, and, ultimately, tooth loss. You can avoid all these unpleased complications by being a little more vigilant towards your dental health.

  1. You Get Your Customized Dental Treatment Plan

Your dentist can gauge your unique mouth structure and dental conditions during your regular dental check-up. A dental plan which addresses your concerns, such as misalignment or tooth decay, is vital. It ensures your oral health remains intact.

  1. You Get Whiter & Brighter Smile

A little investment of time in maintaining oral hygiene ensures that your teeth remain white and bright. Such teeth give you the confidence to smile. This is one of the most underrated benefits of investing in oral health. It helps you in upholding your self-esteem in day-to-day life.

You can avoid many health issues by investing in dental health and preventive dental care. Moreover, dental care plans are there to make oral health expenses affordable for you. So there is no reason to take your oral health for granted. Pledge today to diligently take care of your oral hygiene and religiously visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only, and does not constitute health or medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding your physical or mental health, seek immediate medical attention.


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