Study: Even the Dimmest Light while Sleeping can Raise Blood Sugar and Heart Rate

Women sleeping
Image © Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

As if we need anything else to impact our quality and quantity of sleep, a recent Northwestern University in the US, study found that even while we’re sleeping, a dim light can impair our cardiometabolic function.

Night lights, TV’s and electronic devices that emit a low light while we’re sleeping, increases night-time heart rate and the light-induced changes may play a role in insulin sensitivity.

When Cardiometabolic functions were impaired by sleeping in the dimmest lights possible for one night, participants’ heart rates increased, and they became less responsive during morning exams compared with those who slept without any exposure at all – showing how seriously we should be taking our sleep!

Researchers concluded that the brain knows lights are on, even when our eyes are closed.  With dim light activating the sympathetic nervous system and disturbing circadian rhythms.

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