Shaping up after 40 with Princess Diana’s Trusted Trainer

The older we get, the more important it becomes to stay fit and active. Each decade that we age, it becomes even more imperative to maintain strength, bone density and muscle tone, while improving cardiovascular fitness as these elements are essential for good health and minimal aches and pains as we age. But a big sweaty gym isn’t the only way. 

Although it becomes more important, the thought of going into a gym and navigating the weights room can get scarier and more intimidating the older we get. So here are a few of our top pick workouts for women over 40:

For those who like training with a community

BFT is one fitness franchise that is taking the world by storm and the bulk (60+%) of their members are women! Their workouts are programmed in 8-9 week progressive blocks that prioritise strength training, which is essential for bone density and muscle toning (especially as we age) and cardio which is essential for improving cardiovascular fitness and for keeping our health markers in check. Additionally, as BFT was founded by Cameron Falloon, a former Strength and Conditioning coach for international soccer teams, elite AFL teams and for Princess Diana, BFT workouts ensure that all energy systems as worked as well as all planes of movement which is important for a balanced, strong body and is often forgotten about by other workouts.

“It’s likely that in your 40s, you’re at the height of your career while also juggling family duties. Resistance training and strength training will get you the best bang for buck in your time poor schedule,” says Cameron.

Aside from the health benefits and physical results, the BFT community is unrivalled and making friends at your studio is a great way to stay motivated and engaged.

“Our members average between 3-6 sessions per week, often attending the same times that work with their schedules. This means that pretty quickly, members in sessions get to know the familiar faces they workout with each day. We also pair people up for each of the workouts which is another great way to help build a strong community” says Cam.

If you need extra motivation and accountability, BFT also has their own BFT App which houses their specific heart rate monitoring technology that rewards you for being in the right heart rate zone for the workout you are doing. BFT also runs 8-week challenges three times a year to keep the community engaged and reaching their fitness goals.

If you want results, but you’re also looking for an approachable, inclusive community and a team environment, BFT is an amazing workout option. 

For those who like a good vibe, a playlist to envy and a modern twist on pilates

Barre and Pilates are among the best workouts for women as they are low impact, they work all of the stabilising muscles, the focus on core and pelvic floor and they can incorporate both strength training and cardio, however one Pilates studio is really changing the game and modernising the workout.

Mode Pilates was created by Laura Bullock and it is all about low-impact, high-energy workouts that bring the burn and the feel-good vibes. One unique feature is that they layer each of the exercises within the workout to build the burn up more and more ensuring that you are getting the most out of each exercise series. Additionally, you won’t find normal props in this studio, instead you will find Bala beams, rings and hand weights to ensure you are working hard and that your body is forced to stabilise.

“The way we move is equally intuitive and intentional; each class is designed to set both our bodies and our souls on fire”, says Laura Bullock, founder.

“The music and lighting are also as important as the workout so expect a full experience every time you walk into class.” 

For those who like a classic workout

Running isn’t new, but it is the most portable workout while travelling as there are plenty of running events located at iconic spots all around the world. Additionally, it has evolved into sub communities in recent years, so it is great for a community vibe.

Whether you’re preparing for a marathon or just like to run for the fun of it, signing up to a Run Club is not only great for helping you prepare and train with a goal in mind, but it also has a major community feel and is a great way to make friends.

The Flow Athletic Run Club which is led by Ben Lucas trains for many running events year-round, from the City2Surf, the Blackmores Marathon, GC Marathon and the NYC Marathon.

“Having ongoing goals has been amazing for keeping the community engaged and on track” says Ben Lucas.

“Many of our members have been with us for years. It’s a little crew where we get together twice a week to train for a run, we finish with a coffee, speak about the events we want to do this year, it’s such a great vibe. We also have several running events that the members will sign up to every year, so we always have something to work towards”

Ben has also recently gotten involved with Athletes for Life, a running community for ex-elite athletes who still want a physical purpose to train for. Rather than training for their sport, they now train for marathons.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only, and does not constitute health or medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding your physical or mental health, seek immediate medical attention.