Safely Working Through Injury with Fluid Running

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For someone who enjoys being active, there are few things more disappointing than getting injured and not being able to exercise as you would like to. It is well documented that both exercise and being outdoors does wonders for your mood, mindset, and physical health, so setbacks like this can be devastating.

Fortunately, there is a new training style that is growing in popularity. Best of all, it is suitable for most people who are nursing an injury.

Fluid Running was founded by Jennifer Conroyd, who was an avid marathon runner when an injury caused her to stop running.  Not wanting to be set back, Jennifer tried running in water to allow her to keep her fitness. She trained in the water just like she would on land and she was able to successfully finish her marathon.  Unlike normal water running or water aerobics, her app-based coached workouts have high intensity elements to get your heart rate pumping, interesting circuit variations, and varying time frames so that you can choose a workout that suits your schedule and needs. 

If you are working through an injury, here are some tips according to Jennifer.

Consult your healthcare practitioner.

The first thing is to consult your healthcare practitioner or a physiotherapist. As Fluid Running is an exercise program, you want to get sign off before you start.

Start slowly.

Just like with any training, you don’t want to ramp up too quickly when you are first getting started. Depending on your injury and what your healthcare practitioner recommends, maybe start by doing a 30-minute workout every 2-3 days and build up from there by increasing the duration of your workouts, or the number of workouts that you are doing as your injury starts to feel better.

Add it into your diary and keep it as you would any other appointment.

When we get injured, the healthy habits that are ingrained in us can fall by the wayside, so building them up again is key. Plan your workouts in advance, put them in your diary and keep them as you would any other appointment. By doing this, your fitness will get back up to scratch quicker, it will be great for your mind too.

Find a pool.

There are a few options for runners who are injured. Previously, marathon runners could seek out an anti-gravity treadmill, that essentially lifts them up so they can run without putting pressure on their joints. However, running in the water is way more accessible for most people and it is much cheaper. There is absolutely no impact in the deep water, and minimal impact in the shallow end.

The benefits.

Aside from the workout being much more enjoyable and motivating than general water jogging, there are several benefits to this style of training.

  • Zero to low impact: Running in water reduces the stress on your joints and can help to increase your flexibility. That means it is great for people with injuries, or older adults who want to be mindful of putting too much pressure on their joints.
  • Builds Strength: It is a full body workout that uses all of your core stabiliser muscles and works your arms and legs at the same time.
  • Reduced Risk of injury: You can’t fall or twist your ankle in the pool, therefore your risk of injury reduces significantly.
  • Cardiovascular health: Because you are essentially running and incorporating HIIT training into this workout, it is brilliant for building up the strength of your cardiovascular system, which is essential for people at all ages of life.
  • Improves your circulation: Hydrostatic pressure is produced when you work out in the water. This in turn increases the circulation and compression on your
  • Weight Loss: Did you know that deep water running burns 40% more calories than running on land does? Therefore, it is a brilliant workout for weight loss too.

So, whether you are dealing with chronic pain, a pulled Achilles, hamstring or a twisted ankle, this workout will do wonders for most people. It is motivating, interesting, will keep you cool in summer and will help you build your strength up with minimal chance of leaving you susceptible to injury.

About Fluid Running

Fluid Running has deep water and shallow water workout available.  The deep-water workout system comes with the option to purchase a floatation belt, and both programs offer waterproof earphones so that you can follow the instructor and listen to the music-backed workouts easily in the water. No staring or squinting at a screen! Prior to hopping in the pool, you’ll watch a brief tutorial on your laptop or phone.