NATIF Mountain Pepperleaf (Ground) with strong antimicrobial activity


Tasmanian Mountain Pepper leaf and berries have a very strong antimicrobial activity against common food born human pathogens, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. It contains Polygodial (an aromatic compound), which gives the fragrant spicy hot flavour profile and rainforest aroma. The leaf contains strong antioxidants, vitamin E, lutein, zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron.


Mountain Pepperleaf
(Tasmannia lanceolata)

Growing in the wet forests of southern NSW, southeast Australia and Tasmania. The green Mountain Pepperleaf is used like pepper and the purple berries are used as a strong, hot ‘chilli’ flavour in cooking. Hosting the wonderful aroma of the Australian bushland, paperbark and herbs.

  • Use as you would any other pepper.
  • Add to savoury hot pots, spice mixes and marinades.




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