Black Chicken Skypipe™ Travel Essential Oil Diffuser


When an essential oil is inhaled, the impulse responses are determined by the specific qualities of the essential oil being used, and can range from deeply relaxing to intensely stimulating. The nerve impulse in the limbic system leads to other areas of the brain that are responsible for secreting hormones and regulating body functions. Diffusers are an extremely easy and effective way of giving an aroma to a room, but there are so many more benefits to them with the use of essential oil blends.


This gorgeous portable, ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is the perfect companion to travel with. You won’t have to buy another plane seat as it is compact enough to fit anywhere and you won’t hear any complaining at all!

Featuring a convenient USB power function, it is powerful enough to create a zen space just about anywhere. Your office, home, or hotel room.

This travel diffuser sends 3 million vibrations per second, sending the essential oil properties into the air to create a deeply soothing environment wherever you are.

Ideal for use in your bedroom, the living room, study or office but don’t leave it at home. Take it everywhere you go. If that is travelling overseas, camping, hotels it can go too.

Sure, aromatherapy diffusers make the room smell great but they also have a powerful therapeutic benefit that can help heal your body, calm your mind and revitalise your thoughts and feelings. Essential oils enter your body and mind and release goodness into your blood stream, filling you with their calming and healing properties. All you have to do is breathe.

Ultrasonic aroma humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrating liquid water to produce water mist and emit it in the air for humidification. It produces negative ions like those found near beaches, waterfalls, or after a storm.

Suitable for use in all Countries as uses a USB plug
Dimensions: 7.0 cm (D) x 12.2 (H) cm
ABS Plastic, BPA Free

The Skypipe™ Travel Essential Oil Diffuser allows you to unleash the full medicinal, spiritual and therapeutic potential of our organic essential oils absolutely anywhere – from your workspace to your home!”

Please Note: *Essential oils sold separately.

The warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.


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