Nicho Plowman

Nicho Plowman is a Vedic meditation teacher and the charismatic co-founder of the Insight Timer meditation app, the largest online meditation community on the planet with 22+ million members.
He’s also co-founder Edmund & Amelia, a travel company which facilitates meditation retreats around the world, and has interests in a number of other projects as an owner, collaborator, and investor, including The Heal Zone, Be Here Nowra, and One Eleven Health. He is an adviser to the Light Inside Project, a US-based meditation teaching programme for the incarcerated, and a supporter and adviser to Cultural College, an Australian organisation focused on indigenous education programmes.
A demanding corporate career and over two decades in the fast lane (he was an international executive at ESPN through his 20s and co-founded a multi-million dollar technology software company in his 30s) found Nicho chronically stressed, injured, and fatigued, despite a base level awareness that his lifestyle was unsustainable. At 40, he was introduced to Vedic Meditation and experienced a game-changing transformation in his health, mindset, and potential, and embarked on a new path and life in service to others.
Today, the entrepreneur is committed to doing business and life ‘consciously’. A father to three daughters, Nicho believes in the deeply impactful power – and practical nature – of Vedic meditation practice to combat a global epidemic of stress, anxiety, and physical and mental ill health in people of all ages.