New study shows Hemp Oz Kombucha can assist with controlling blood glucose levels

We are delighted to release the extraordinary results of a 12-day observational study to demonstrate the benefits of hemp-infused Kombucha for type-2 diabetes sufferers.

Hemp Oz Kombucha was developed by John Leith, Founder and CEO of Oz Medicann Group, a licensed medicinal cannabis healthcare company headquartered in Australia, following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. After the product helped John’s own diabetes go into remission, he released the product on the market. The beverage attracted much interest and a clinical study conducted by SBS Television Show, Medicine or Myth, suggested that the product could indeed assist with controlling blood glucose levels.

Following the outstanding Medicine or Myth results, Pure Health Hub partnered with the Oz Medicann Group in February 2022, to further evaluate the role of hemp-infused kombucha in stabilising type 2 diabetes.

The participants of the observational study consumed Hemp Oz Kombucha at the same time every day over a period of 12 days and were asked to track and share their blood sugar levels.  Now the results are in, and they are incredible.

  • 55% of participants declare decrease in their Blood Sugar Level by 30%.
  • 33% of pre-diabetic participants declare drop in Blood Sugar Level to 4.9.
  • 25% of type 2 diabetes participants mentioned a drop in Blood Sugar Level by 30%.
  • 37% of participants stated a decline in symptoms associated with diabetes.
  • 35% stated an increase in daily energy.
  • 33% experienced increase in their night sleep & were more active.
The results, which echo the clinical study conducted by SBS, further indicate that the consumption of hemp-infused kombucha could be a gamechanger in the management of type 2 diabetes.
Disclaimer: This article provides general information only, and does not constitute health or medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding your mental or physical health, seek immediate medical attention.

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