Melbourne Mum Starts a Sweet Revolution with Worthy Drink Bottles

Angela Michel, a former radiographer turned visionary entrepreneur, is leading a sweet revolution in the world of eco-friendly products. With her innovative company, Worthy Drink Bottles, she’s changing the game when it comes to sustainable hydration solutions.

The journey began with Angela’s determination to challenge the norms and make a positive impact on the environment. Despite lacking prior experience in manufacturing, marketing, or sales, Angela embarked on a mission to transform the everyday water bottle into something extraordinary. The result is Worthy Drink Bottles – a line of bottles that not only look good but are also manufactured using cutting-edge technology and 100% sugarcane.

What sets Worthy Drink Bottles apart is their commitment to sustainability. These bottles are not just another eco-friendly option; they are crafted from sustainably grown sugarcane, sourced locally in Melbourne. The production process involves using sugarcane stem to create bioplastic resin, while sugarcane waste powers the manufacturing facility. This unique approach makes Worthy Bottles carbon negative and zero waste during production, making them a truly ethical and sustainable choice.

Angela’s journey wasn’t just about creating a product; it was about making a difference. A trip to India and Nepal over a decade ago left an indelible mark on her. Witnessing the harsh realities of a slum living near a plastic-filled rubbish dump was a turning point. Angela and her husband returned to Australia with a determination to contribute positively. Through Worthy Drink Bottles, Angela is giving back 10% of profits to Vision Rescue, an organization helping abandoned women and children in Mumbai’s slums and collaborating with RAMS to empower at-risk high school students.

The inspiration behind Worthy Drink Bottles was Angela’s desire for a sustainable, stylish, and planet-friendly alternative to existing options. She took this vision and transformed it into a reality by harnessing the potential of sugarcane. From countless hours of research to finding a like-minded local manufacturer, Angela’s journey was a testament to her resilience and self-belief.

As a female-founded, family business, Worthy Drink Bottles embodies the values of community and customer service. Angela’s dedication has led to an impressive 180% growth within just two years, with the brand now being stocked in over 100 stores across the nation.

Her ultimate goal is to tackle the alarming issue of single-use plastic bottles by offering an appealing alternative.

The impact of plastic waste on the environment is staggering, with one million plastic bottles being purchased globally every minute. Angela’s mission with Worthy Drink Bottles is to provide an eco-friendly and stylish solution to this crisis. By choosing a Worthy Drink Bottle, consumers are not only quenching their own thirst but also contributing to a greater cause – a planet-loving revolution.

Angela’s story is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and the desire to make a positive impact. Her journey from a radiographer to a trailblazing entrepreneur exemplifies how a single individual’s vision can lead to significant change. Worthy Drink Bottles are more than just containers for liquids; they are vessels of change, inspiring people to embrace sustainability while supporting worthy causes.

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, Angela Michel’s Worthy Drink Bottles offer a refreshing solution that combines style, sustainability, and social responsibility. As we raise a toast to this sweet revolution, let’s remember that every sip from a Worthy Drink Bottle brings us closer to a brighter, greener future for our planet.