Partnership for T2 Diabetes Study

Partnership for T2 Diabetes Study

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday 29 November 2021

Pure Health Hub Partners with the Oz Medicann Group to Evaluate the Role of Hemp Infused Kombucha in Stabilising Type 2 Diabetes

Pure Health Hub, the online health platform dedicated to women 40 plus, collaborates with the Oz Medicann Group to conduct a 12-day observational study to demonstrate the benefits of hemp infused Kombucha for type-2 diabetes sufferers.

Pure Health Hub today announced a partnership with the Oz Medicann Group, a licensed medicinal cannabis healthcare company headquartered in Australia. A popular online resource dedicated to women 40 plus, Pure Health Hub shares world’s best practice from the world’s most renowned practitioners in medical and complementary health.

The partners will collaborate and conduct the 12-day observational study to ascertain the impact of hemp infused Kombucha in stabilising blood glucose levels for women suffering from type-2 diabetes.

“Australia’s SBS Television Show, Medicine or Myth, conducted a clinical study last year, with outstanding results. With 75% of participants reporting a 1.5mmol/L improvement and 31% reporting resolving their diabetes symptoms” enthused John Leith, Founder and CEO of Oz Medicann Group.

John developed the Hemp Oz Kombucha product in response to he, himself being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and decided to share it and make it available to everyone after placing his own diabetes into remission.

“When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I had no idea what it even was!” says John. “But I began to research it and the therapeutic benefits of Hemp and with my medical team we created Hemp Oz Kombucha, really just for me to try” Leith explains.

The Oz Medicann Group is an Australian group of companies delivering medicinal cannabisbased therapeutic solutions. Its innovative business model focuses on research, cultivation and education. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary Hemp Oz Pty Ltd is highly rated as an innovator in hemp product development.

Scheduled to take place in February 2022, the joint study will be conducted on women 40 plus that have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Following qualification, each participant will receive 12 bottles of hemp derived Kombucha developed by Hemp Oz. This product contains hemp oil in combination with over 39 billion live probiotics. All its ingredients have been ethically and sustainably sourced, and the product has been scientifically researched by an Australian University.

The participants will consume this Kombucha at the same time each day over a period of 12 days and will be asked to track and share their blood sugar levels. At the launch of the program, the Oz Medicann Group founder John Leith will be running a webinar discussing how the study will run and how the participants should consume the product and track their blood glucose levels.

Pure Health Hub is the brainchild of Lindy Andrews, an accomplished international business professional who is also a 2018 CEO Today Healthcare Award Winner and Telstra Businesswoman of the Year nominee. She is also the founder of Meditrav, Australia’s leading global medical facilitation company.

“We are delighted to team up with Oz Medicann Group and thrilled to be a part of this observational study. As a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes sufferer, I will be participating and extremely hopeful that this study will be a gamechanger in type 2 diabetes management,” Lindy said.

To participate in this study, please complete the Expression of Interest form at


About Pure Health Hub: Pure Health Hub is resource dedicated to women 40+. This online platform shares world’s best practice from the world’s best practitioners in medical and complementary health. We believe they are not mutually exclusive but instead are better operating in sync as prevention is always better than cure.

About the Oz Medicann Group: The Oz Medicann Group is an Australian group of companies leading the way in delivering medicinal cannabis-based therapeutic solutions for patients in the Australian and International markets. The company’s objective is to deliver the highest quality medicinal and therapeutic solutions.