Pure Health Hub for women launches

Pure Health Hub for women launches

Media Release

September 2021

Groundbreaking women’s health platform launches to meet gap in the market.

A groundbreaking new women’s virtual health platform called ‘Pure Health Hub’ has launched to
address the health and wellness needs of women aged 40 years and over.

According to Lindy Andrews, women need access to relevant, timely and reliable health and wellness
information more than ever.

“If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that even the health and medical sector has been shut down by
the pandemic. BreastScreen NSW is a good example. It’s services have been put on hold while finite
resources are moved to areas of the health system under extreme pressure due to COVID.

“Without realising it, we have moved into an era of prevention and self-care where the need to take
responsibility for your own health and wellness has been heightened.

“As a result, the ability to access meaningful information from both the medical and holistic health
sectors has become even more critical than ever before.

“Women in their 40s have been largely ignored in the health and wellness information market for too
long. When COVID shut down my medical and health tourism business in early 2020, and following
being diagnosed with multiple conditions, I began to realise that there were very few options for
women in their 40sto accessinformation and meaningful content they needed to support their health
during the pandemic. So, I decided to fill the gap by creating Pure Health Hub.

“I spoke to many women to get feedback and advice on what type of content and support they were
looking for.

“Using my contacts and networks across the health and wellness sector, I started to reach out to
experts to seek their involvement in the hub – and as a result Pure Health Hub was born.”

A highly respected industry stalwart who has managed and grown many successful businesses
including within the health industry, Lindy Andrews is the founder and CEO of Pure Health Hub. The
hub is a dedicated health and wellness  resource for women 40 years of age and older. The hub offers
expert articles, tips and insightsfrom the world’s best practitionersin both medical and holistic health.
In addition, the hub is also launching a range of health and wellness products specifically developed
to meet the needs of women in the 40 years plus age group.

“Women 40 plus have different health, wellness, social and emotional needs,” Andrews added.

“Pure Health Hub will provide a resource for important information, the ability for women to connect
and engage with others and access products specifically formulated for their needs.

“Every month we will publish fresh articles and insights tailored to the unique needs of women 40
years and older. My aim is build the largest body of health and wellness content in the world to help
women across the globe live their best life.

“Over time, as we grow, we will introduce other services as well. The key for me was to ensure that
we could offer this service in a cost-effective way, so we have introduced a subscription model which
enables women to access the hub free of charge.”




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