Turning back the clock for real?

David Sinclair, a genetics professor at Harvard University, is researching how to reverse the aging process using epigenetic modifications. His lab has identified the epigenome as the primary driver of aging and successfully restored the youthful state of old mice by rebooting their epigenetic code.

Sinclair’s goal is to test similar approaches in humans and provide people with epigenetic self-knowledge. He founded Tally Health, a company that offers epigenetic clock tests to determine biological age, along with personalized action plans and repeat testing. Tally’s science-backed technology aims to improve healthspan and extend longevity at the cellular level by focusing on lifestyle choices and environment.

Tally’s approach is supported by research suggesting genetics determine less than 10% of our longevity. However, scientists caution that it is still early days for assessing biological age and none of the epigenetic modifications that have extended the lives of animals in labs have been shown to work in people. From;  Femtech Insider