Renovatio Bioscience, an Australian brand, introduces the world’s first activated apple cider vinegar.

Renovatio Bioscience, a wellness company based in Australia, has launched a new organic Activated Apple Cider Vinegar product that has gained a 5 Health Star Rating. The product is made with a patented antioxidant formula called Activated Phenolics, which was developed by the University of Newcastle, Australia. The company claims that their product is the only one in the world that holds this patent.

According to Dr. Vincent, a Clinical Nutritionist, Food Scientist, and Founder of Renovatio Bioscience, their Activated Apple Cider Vinegar is boosted with Activated Phenolics, making it a unique product. “Activated Phenolics is the world’s most potent dietary antioxidant.

A broad-spectrum antioxidant that supports cellular health and fights inflammation,” he said.

Dr. Vincent invented the technology used in the product while conducting research at the University of Newcastle. The technology allows the product to have a significantly higher absorption rate of up to 97%, compared to other products on the market that use chemical solvents to extract compounds. This ensures that the antioxidants in the Activated Apple Cider Vinegar are easily absorbed by the body.

In addition to being rich in pre and probiotics, the Activated Apple Cider Vinegar assists in maintaining healthy weight and blood sugar levels. It also benefits the digestive system and microbiome to maintain a healthy gut. “We are so thrilled to be launching our Activated Apple Cider Vinegar as our first pantry item,” said Dr. Vincent.

Renovatio Bioscience was founded by Dr. Vincent in 2016 after he noticed the anti-inflammatory benefits his grandmother experienced when using sample products to support her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. The company specializes in beauty, skincare, and wellness products.

The new product is available here, and according to Renovatio Bioscience, it is the first of its kind. The product has already gained significant attention in the wellness industry, and its unique patented formula is expected to make waves in the market.