Joanna Hall

With an enduring passion for all things health, wellness and animals, Joanna is a writer and content creator with over 35 years of experience in print and online. She contributes regularly to several major print publications and online outlets as a writer and blogger, and she is the author of three non-fiction books including the health and lifestyle book 40 And Still Fabulous in January 2009, and the follow-up 40 And Still Fabulous – The Next Chapter in 2014.

Joanna was coached as a young writer by her friend, Phillip Knightley, an author and one of the most accomplished, award-winning reporters of his generation. Her background in health writing came in handy when she faced and survived run-ins with breast cancer in 2014 and 2019.

Today Joanna lives on the Gold Coast with her husband, Ben, and two crazy three-legged rescue cats, Princess Merida and Cleo. When she’s not writing for work or pleasure, you’ll find her beach walking, practising yoga, listening to music, meditating, watching sports, cooking, and dreaming of rescuing more cats.