Health Gurus Wellness Tips for 2024: What Morning Rituals have the Experts Implemented?

Get ready to revamp your mornings with insights from some of the most influential wellness figures of our time! As we stride into 2024, these celebrities are setting the bar high with their rejuvenating routines designed to kickstart the day on the right note. From nutrition-conscious choices to mindful practices, each expert brings a unique perspective on how to optimise mornings for enhanced vitality and productivity.

Anna Robards- Intu Wellness

The morning ritual I have implemented this year, is to focus on getting nutrients into my body for sustained energy, rather than spiking my cortisol levels with coffee as soon as I wake up. As a mom with a business, I normally reach for coffee as soon as I wake, and it is a hard habit to break at any time of the year, as I am running on fumes. However, since becoming pregnant, I’ve turned to decaf. I’d like to continue this once giving birth. Instead of having coffee first thing, I will be reaching for a glass of water with some Intu Wellness (Energy and Skin Radiance) in it.

Next, I will be kicking my honey on toast ritual. Wish me luck.

Ben Lucas- Flow Athletic

I’ve swapped out my morning coffee for a cold shower. Each morning, I woke at 440am before heading into work with a double espresso in hand. This year, I will replace my morning brew with a cold shower. I expect that I will feel better and have less anxiety for it.

Wiebke Hensen, Head Trainer for Vitruvian

There’s no denying that we are all glued to our phones. One of my most important rituals is to not check my phone before 7-8 AM. All my notifications are off – thank you, iPhone, for those amazing settings. The last thing you want to do when you get up is to get caught up looking at what everyone else is doing. So, I like to shift the focus to myself and my intentions for the day. Some mornings, I journal and write them down; other mornings, I just think about it.

I am an early riser, so most mornings start between 5 and 6 AM for me. After waking up and journaling, I get ready for the gym. I love exercising in the morning as it sets me up for success, boosts my mood and energy, and also gets me started with something challenging.

When you overcome one hard thing, the rest gets easier. Exercise for me is either boxing, strength training in the gym, or my Vitruvian Trainer+. On days when I don’t train, I like to go for a coastal walk and an ocean dip. I think the most important routines for me this year are to get out in nature, get moving, work on a strong body and mind, and keep screen time to a minimum.

Georgie Taylor, Master Trainer for Rumble Boxing.

As a Master Trainer for Rumble Boxing, my morning rituals in this year of 2024 are a harmonious blend of physical vitality and mental well-being. Each day kicks off with an exhilarating Rumble-inspired workout, where I seamlessly weave high-intensity boxing drills with mindfulness exercises.

Following the sweat session, I prioritise a nourishing breakfast, recognising the pivotal role it plays in sustaining energy levels throughout the day. To foster a positive mindset, I carve out time for mindfulness practices like meditation and gratitude journaling. This holistic approach aims to not only elevate my personal wellbeing but also inspire my clients to embrace a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in the year ahead.

Georgia Dunlop, Marketing Manager and Franchisee of BFT

Sunlight or natural light within 60 minutes of waking – helps promote raised cortisol levels earlier in the day, to regulate sleep at night.