Healing Pelvic Pain with Dr Peta Wright

Today, we delve into the world of ‘Healing Pelvic Pain’ with renowned gynaecologist and fertility expert, Dr. Peta Wright. Graduating with honours from Monash University, her credentials further extend to a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a focus on holistic women’s healthcare.

In 2020, Dr. Wright launched Vera Women’s Wellness and passionately addresses the needs of both paediatric, adolescent and adult gynaecological issues. She recently penned ‘Healing Pelvic Pain’, a pivotal exploration into an ailment affecting 1 in 5 Australian women, connecting pelvic discomfort with trauma-related signs.

We’ll be discussing the inspiration behind her book, the associated conditions with chronic pelvic pain, and Dr. Wright’s insights into the intersection of trauma, alternative treatments, and pelvic health. In light of the 2022 Federal Government inquiry, we’ll also touch upon the undeniable misogyny in medicine, amplifying Dr. Wright’s powerful stance: society’s linear masculine standards have often wrongly deemed the nonlinear female cycle as “pathological.” Stay with us for this enlightening conversation.

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