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ital Momentum was born as part of a complete lifestyle movement to assist women 40+ to own their own health journey and to live happy, healthier lives. Founder, Lindy Andrews, recognised in her early 40’s that she was living her life in survival mode, though struggled to understand how to change this, so she didn’t. Running global businesses, raising her beautiful son, trying to be a great mum, wife, sister, aunt and friend. The next decade got away from her and so did her health. Particularly her mental health.

Though it wasn’t until her mid-fifties that she finally managed to jump off that treadmill, or as she says, was pushed, after being diagnosed with some health issues. She firmly believes, these issues could potentially have been avoided if she took the time to ‘own her own health journey’ much sooner than that.


So, when she was diagnosed with multiple back-to-back conditions, illnesses and injuries at the beginning of the wrecking ball year of 2020, she acknowledged she needed to take the time, learn what she could, to reverse or at least improve these issues. What she discovered though was that there was little ‘plain english’ information from medical resources and a fragmented and sometimes confusing natural health perspective for mature women to better understand this fabulous albeit transitional period of life.

As a self-confessed solutionist, Lindy set about creating Pure Health Hub and not one to do things by halves, also realised that the skin health products she’d been using, you know the popular, pricey brands, were just not cutting it anymore, so she found a compounding chemist and his beauty therapist partner and together they created a skin health products.  The start of the Vital Momentum Lifestyle brand.  

Created for specifically for women 35+, the Vital Momentum range when combined with a well-balanced lifestyle is all you need to shine.  Inside and out.


Maintaining vital momentum at this age is what we all strive for, and we hope you enjoy these products and they have you dancing through your day.


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We are individually on our own health journey and as a team we are collectively committed to sharing world’s best practice from the world’s best practitioners in both medical and holistic health.


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