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Letter from the Publisher
What I’ve learned so far…

… about burnout

You could say I’m a veteran of life’s battlefield burnout. Growing up, at was not I permitted to show vulnerability. At any point. If I did, it was thrown back in my face with laughter and mockery. I certainly was not to complain about illness and there was never a doctor’s appointment for me. Other siblings, sure but not me because, “it cost too much.” It was an old style ‘broken home’ where your individual ranking depended upon which side you were from.  

As a child with Asthma, I was not provided the necessary medicine to keep it under control. When it would flare, I would have to sleep sitting up, gasping for breath all night, terrified I might die. The attacks started at just six years of age so, it is little wonder that as an adult, I ignored all the signs of anything that I considered a mental or physical health weakness. Yet, recognising the signs of burnout was vital to starting the rehabilitation process, hence reaching middle age before I finally did…


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